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Very huge puppies available ! The World-renowned Euro Great Dane Kennel ’Von Schlesien’ ! Get the BEST Euro Bloodlines and make a reservation for your puppy today. More Information: The Great Dane combines dignity, strength and elegance in its royal appearance together with its grand size and well-formed body. The Great Dane is one of the noblest existing breed of dogs. We have been breeding this wonderful type of dog in old German tradition for over 22 years now and we are one of the most successful breeders in Europe. Ourwins/successes in championships accentuate the evidence of this fact. You have the opportunity to become an owner of one of the most exclusive German dogs and we will be happy to help you with any queries you might have. All our dogs have an immaculate pedigree which underlines the exclusivity and the uniqueness of our breed. If there is any further information that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us: Barbara Mosch-Schlösser Außerhalb 13 NO D-63225 Langen Tel.: 0049-171-3641181 Vice President Great Dane Kennel Club of Germany

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I very much appreciate the breeding standards from the ’Great Danes von Schlesien’ which correspond fully with old family tradition we are very proud of. I personally recommend a breeding tradition like this and with these Great Dane’s Barbara reached a usually unattainable standard. Regardless of whether you are seeking a family pet or a companion, Barbara’s Great Dane’s will provide you with the most loyal character a mans best friend can have.

Dr. Karin von Bismarck